The Didim Hypnotherapy & Thrive Clinic is the first and only clinic to offer a fantastic new smoking cessation programme created by Europe’s top anti-smoking consultant Rob Kelly.

Thrive as a Non-Smoker puts you in control of becoming a non-smoker, by explaining WHY you have always found it so difficult to quit smoking before.

Thrive as a Non-Smoker at the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic

Thrive as a Non-Smoker at the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic

After just a few sessions with Kate Ashley-Norman of Didim Hypnotherapy in Turkey you will find that your long held beliefs and misconceptions about why you smoke will quickly crumble to dust. There is NO hypnotherapy involved, NO magic wand, just the cold hard facts about the myths surrounding smoking addiction and smoking cessation.

 How can this be……?

·       Thrive as a Non-Smoker completely clarifies why we perceive giving up smoking to be really difficult, and shows that quitting cigarettes is actually extremely easy.

·       It looks back at the history of smoking as an addiction, and makes you understand that quitting cigarettes is all about YOU taking control.

·       It outlines the provenance of cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and provides undeniable information and techniques to ease your quest to overcome them.

·       Thrive as a Non-Smoker is completely backed by scientific research. Decades of research connected to smoking addiction, smoking cessation, NRT nicotine replacement therapy, other smoking cessation methods, cravings and withdrawal symptoms has been read, analysed, and used to create this ‘once and for all’ smoking cessation programme, Thrive as a Non-Smoker.

Kate Ashley-Norman is offering you the chance to become a Non-Smoker, no matter where in the world you are. Whether from her Didim, Turkey based clinic, or through Skype, or by booking a 2-day residential smoking cessation clinic, NOW is the time to kick that smoking habit ONCE & FOR ALL!

 Thrive as a Non-Smoker – standard programme

Book a 3-session programme with Kate either in person at her Didim clinic, or through Skype. Each session lasts for one hour, and there is NO hypnotherapy involved.

Cost – 540 Turkish lira including workbook.

Residential Smoking Cessation Clinic

Our beachside clinic includes a well appointed self catering apartment with the most amazing sea views. Give yourself the time and space to completely immerse yourself in thriving as a non-smoker. The cost includes the full smoking cessation programme, 3 nights accommodation (eg Fri/Sat/Sun nights), additional relaxing hypnotherapy/visualisation sessions, a ‘breakfast pack’ for each morning, and transfers to and from the airport.

Solo smoker – 1400 Turkish lira

Smoking couples – 1100 Turkish lira per person

Beachside therapy from the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Beachside therapy from the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic.


To Thrive as a non-smoker, call Kate NOW on 00 90 544 3298466, or email

Q. Is every smoker suitable for this treatment? A. Yes, unless they have a history of psychoses.

Q. Will I need gum, patches. placebos, Zyban or anything  else to help me? A. No. Nothing.

Q. I have been to another hypnotherapist before and it  didn’t work – would it still be worth it coming to see you? A. Yes, the techniques we learned from Rob Kelly are  TOTALLY different to most other approaches to smoking cessation.

Q. Do I need to put in any effort? A. Yes you do. Thrive as a Non-Smoker is an AID to you, it will HELP YOU, but it WILL NOT do it for you. You need to  pay attention during the sessions, you need to be honest during the sessions, and  you need to put effort into the sessions. We have a SUPERB success rates, we can give you the knoweldge and techniques, we can help you to build the belief in yourself –  but you do need to put the effort in.

If YOU want to stop smoking easily, and change your life,           call Kate NOW on  00 90 544 3298466 or

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