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I can recommend the Thrive programme. I went to see Kate not knowing what to expect and to be honest a non believer that anything or anyone could change the way I felt about myself which wasn’t much, but just after 6 sessions my life and self respect was unbelievable and Kate made me feel really comfortable able to say anything without judgement, helped with other personal issues also. Please don’t be afraid to go and see Kate. I wish had known about Thrive years ago. XxMD, Turkey (consulted for depression).

Dear Kate, I would just like to thank you very much for introducing me to Thrive. I find it has really helped me and currently I am possibly one of my busiest and possibly my happiest in my life. I can’t really explain what has happened to me, I have the same issues as before, the same things happen to me as before, I still need a moan and a groan about life and circumstances at times but you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore! I’m still stressed but in a far more positive way, I’m building a business that is really looking like a huge success story and sometimes I cannot believe how far I have come with it. Things that used to scare me greatly still scare me but I can deal with it and move on with it….and I’m busy and I’m stressed and I don’t have time to do everything I want but you know, it’s ok!
I will apologise now Kate, I haven’t had the time to write anything until now….I want to write much more in a few months as I’m still working on it, still finding ways to thrive and in all honesty with the madness of life I didn’t even finish the book. I’m going to read it again from the beginning and I’m going to see if I can take it to the next level by filling in all the bits I missed the first time.
The biggest thing that I find used to be a problem for me was how much I care what people think. Do you know what a relief it is and how much more time I have to be myself now I don’t care what people think! What a heavy weight off my shoulders!!!
I actually signed up to this as I wanted to concentrate on weight loss….that’s not really happened but it’s ok I’m working on it! What has really happened is I have changed my thinking, changed my approach to things and it has helped me in every aspect of my life. As for my confidence with my business it has just unlocked the door to believing in myself and building something amazing. Thank you Kate for your guidance and inspiration. X X
J.Y., Didim
Having recently completed the Thrive program I can honestly say that I am now definitely a ‘ glass is half full’ kind of person! Straight away , the book made sense and with Kate’s frequent on line videos , it all slotted into place. I wanted to use the Thrive program to a, assist me in losing weight, and b, to become more of a positive thinker. My scores told me I had high social anxiety which I had not been aware of because I hadn’t needed to be in many socially anxious situations. When a big one came up – flying – I was able to get through the stress and worrying by constantly thinking positive and methodically kicking the negative thoughts that crept in , out if my head. The course along with the book is never a struggle , it runs at a perfect pace and I knew Kate was on line to help me when I may have struggled a bit. To anyone thinking of doing the Thrive with Kate on line , I recommend it. I did think before , how can you get anything out of an online therapy rather than face to face? But you really can , the book and Facebook updates work great together . It’s a challenging program , it’s not an instant fix , but it will make you look at yourself in a whole new, positive light. You will find you use the ideas in the book every day and it stays with you in all social situations.
Liz Polat, Didim, July 2014.

“I have yo-yo dieted now for at least 25 years and in all that time I have only been at goal for about 2 months. I can sooooo relate to all the comments Kate makes. I started to read Thrive about 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say my thinking (especially about dieting) changed within the first few chapters. I have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to weight loss but I honestly hand on heart believe I have found my answer with just a few simple thought changes. I really can’t explain how it has worked for me but I think seeing it written in black and white, that I can change if I want to, has made me consciously think about the reasons for my excess weight. All I usually thought previously was that I was beyond help and I could not be ‘cured’ but I genuinely believe this time I will do it! x”
JM, Didim – July 2014.

“Following physical recovery from a serious illness, I was left suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I had acute anxiety attacks, dreadful episodes that lasted for days and were very frightening and debilitating.

Over the last 3 years I have visited 3 different Psychiatrists, taken many different drugs but despite trying everything my condition was getting worse and my quality of life was deteriorating.

A friend recommended Hypnotherapy so I contacted Kate. She began to guide me through the ‘Thrive’ programme. Despite my initial scepticism, after the second session I had a feeling of optimism for the first time in years. Now 2 months later I have completed the course, my attacks have gone, I feel wonderful, like my old happy self. The fear and dark clouds shadowing me have vanished.

Kate is a lovely, warm, intelligent and insightful person. I am eternally grateful to her for helping me. It goes without saying I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thanks again Kate.”
Jenny, Turkey – April 2014.


“After years of heavy smoking and hospitalisation twice because of this, I knew I had to stop. I’d stopped smoking several times over the years;  it had always been a very difficult thing to do.  You name it, I’d tried it, patches, gum, inhalers, drugs;  it was always a real struggle and I must have been horrible to be around! Usually tense, irritable and eating chocolate!  Then I met Kate.  A truly lovely person, she practises a special form of hypnotherapy which really works for things like smoking, losing weight and just about anything we suffer from and can’t seem to control.  I visited Kate. I was able to stop and this was surprisingly easy.  Better than this, though, I went on with Kate’s help to turn my life around, with the Thrive programme.

Really, I had given up hope of ever being happy.  I didn’t understand why my life seemed so hard, why I suffered from so much anxiety, anger and feelings of powerlessness. I often felt overwhelmed by stress and spent long periods brooding about even the slightest criticism from anyone.  I’m pleased to say things are now very different; in fact I am very different.  I’ve discovered that the answer to all my problems lies within me and I am now enjoying life as never before.  For me, now, misery is optional and I no longer have to suffer unnecessarily. I’ve learned how to be happy and it’s surprisingly easy.

I can’t recommend her highly enough, she has a special gift that can help anyone overcome their troubled lives and I believe anyone at all can benefit from her help”.

‘J’, Didim – June 2013

I would like to thank Kate for the Hypnobirthing session she gave me. I had a very calm, relaxing birth following, which I actually enjoyed. The Labour was completely un-medicated and quick with no contraction pains. My beautiful boy was delivered in three good pushes with the last being the only one that I felt discomfort with. My OB in fact stated that it was the most quiet and calm birth he has assisted with. This was my third child and my first two labours I found very painful even with pain relief medication. Having  decided I was really going to try to have a natural birth this time, I went to Kate for a Hypnotherapy session and listened to the recording she made for my several times afterwards. I found to session both relaxing and uplifting, feeling incredibly positive about my forthcoming labour and very destressing. Thank you Kate

 As a young man who has suffered with an eating disorder throughout his life, my weight has bounced between 17 stone and 21 stone for most of my adult life, from time to time I have enjoyed a flat stomach and felt in control of my eating but it has never lasted the overwhelming need to eat food that was just no good for me always took over. In March of 2012 I was at my highest weight ever, at 24 years old I was 25 stone, I decided to come to Turkey for the summer to be around family and try to once and for all kick the addiction. It was my mum who suggested going to see Kate, I had never thought of hypnotism before but I was willing to give it a try. I spent an hour with Kate and ever since then there is another voice in my head so to speak it tells me that I don’t need the food, that being thin and healthy is far more delicious, It’s very hard to explain but I will say if you need to “kick a habit” definitely give Kate a call, I have lost over 8 stone in 7 months and feel in complete control of my eating and myself.

Jordan Jenkins – Didim & London


I had smoked for nearly 25 years, over half my life, and had been a stubborn smoker for the majority of that time. However as I got older the ‘love affair’ was definitely dwindling, and the sheer stupidity of smoking and how it was affecting my health and my life was becoming more apparent. My own will power was sadly lacking. I had read a couple of ‘quit’ books which although made absolute sense, didn’t give me the strength I needed. Patches and replacement gum were simply no good and didn’t solve the problem. I was looking for other options when my sister Kate told me she had begun a hypnotherapy practice and offered her services. Clearly, as a younger brother I was skeptical and possibly a tad arrogant. The fact that I am writing this testimonial is an acknowledgement of my mistake. I had one session with Kate, which was 7 weeks ago. I haven’t touched a cigarette since. As Kate advised the desire needed to come from me, but since the session we had, the change has been wonderful. Following the session, I haven’t wanted or needed to smoke and I have no desire to start again. The session with Kate gave me the strength of conviction I needed, and I am very grateful, and more than willing to recommend her services.
William Ashley-Norman
Younger brother and non-smoker



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