Treatments and fees

All treatments start with an initial consultation that is free of charge. If booking from overseas, initial consultations can be carried out over Skype, so that you are ready and happy to start your therapy as soon as you arrive in Didim.

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Skype address: ThriveinTurkey

Hypnotherapy and Thrive can help with a wide range of issues, phobias, fears, anxieties – after your initial consultation we will schedule in the appropriate number of sessions to ensure we really get to the root of your problems and carry out an effective programme to deal with it.


Thrive can be carried out one of three ways:

1. For local expats and residents. The sessions are held weekly over a course of six weeks, with a 7th session about a month later to iron out any residual questions. The cost of the sessions are 180 turkish lira payable on each session, plus 50 lira for the workbook. Alternatively you can pay a discounted total of 1000 lira up front for all sessions plus the book.

2. Study Thrive in Turkey. You can book to come out specifically to immerse yourself in Thrive. You can read more about this by skipping to our dedicated page

3. Thrive on Skype. The sessions can be carried out over Skype, just as if you were sat in my own clinic, but from the comfort of your own home. A regular weekly Skype session is booked in over the course of six weeks, with a 7th session about a month later to iron out any residual questions. The cost of the sessions are 180 Turkish lira payable on each session, and the book can be downloaded from Amazon at a cost of £20 (


There are several weight loss programmes designed to help people at various stages of weight reduction.

Hypnoband in Didim – Designed specifically for those who are overweight by over two stone (about 12 kilos) or with a BMI of 35 and over. Treated over the course of 5  sessions, plus a follow up session 6-8 weeks later, it is a definite alternative to those seeking actual gastric band surgery.

  • £360 / 1000tl total program price

Our 8-session weight reduction program works with you using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you break down the psychological barriers that keep you in the tight grip of negative weight loss/gain cycles. We work at helping you to achieve better attitudes towards food and exercise for a long term, healthy attitude to shedding weight and gaining control.This is a fully committed program which will bring positive results if you put the work in!

  • £500/1400tl payment up front. No part payment! No refunds!

We also do a ‘lite’ session of the above using mainly hypnotherapy tecniques to help change your behaviour and attitude around and towards food. This runs across three sessions, and is ideal for those who are only in Didim for a couple of weeks.

  •  £180 / 500tl total program price.

You can also opt to have a one-off ‘tweeking’ suggestion therapy session to help you overcome any niggling eating habits that are stopping you from losing those last couple of pounds/kilos!

  • £60 / 180tl per session

Stop Smoking NOW! using Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Techniques

Make this time the FINAL time to tackle this irrational and pointless habit. In just one session you will understand why it is so easy to stop smoking if you only go about it the right way!

  •  £130 / 350tl


Do you want to feel empowered? Do you want to feel mentally stronger, mentally fitter, looking forward to making posttive changes to your life. Leave your dissatisfactions with life at the bottom of your suitcase when you get home! This 3-session programme could literally change your life for the better.

  • £60 / 180tl per session.


If you have deep-seated emotional issues and neuroses, inexplicable phobias, compulsive/obsessive habits, anger problems, hypnotherapy can provide you with a drug-free, non-invasive route to resolving them. Over the course of eight to twelve sessions, using our unique Pure Hypno-analytical techniques, we will work at finding and removing the originating source of your symptoms, and bring you to a moment of ‘surprising and liberating enlightenment.’ (Sessions are held weekly, so time and commitment is required).

  •  £60 / 180tl per session.
Struggling with learning Turkish? Dig deep into the amazing power of your mind to help ease the way. This unique hypnotherapy session will help you access parts of your mind that will enable you to better retain the Turkish language as you learn, and you get a free CD to take home with you to reinforce the work we do during the session!
  • £60 / 180tl per session